The game of chess has survived 1500 years because it is not just a game; it is a lesson in life. It bears a resemblance to the basic human ideal of individual liberty under a rule of law.

C+C have renewed the visual elements in this unique chess set utilising an aesthetic borrowing from the medieval through to the modern. 


PAWN 60mm H x 25mm R 118g
KNIGHT 70mm H x 25mm R 123g
QUEEN 150mm H x 29mm R 348g

ROOK 70mm H x 30mm R 357g
BISHOP 90mm H x 25mm R 133g
KING 168mm H x 35mm R 393g


CHESS BOARD 400mm x 400mm x 25mm

MATERIALS Brass, enamel, cast bronze, patination, gold leaf, handmade board.

Total set weight 8.980kg

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